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Blue Cord Service Hours

St. Teresa of Calcutta School Blue Cord Service Learning Program is based on the tenet that learning and service are connected to the intellectual and moral development of each student. The goal for our students is to serve our community in a variety of ways, helping others outside of their immediate circle. The color blue represents Mother Teresa’s devotion to caring for the sick and poor.

“Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.” -Mother Teresa

Through service, our students will gain a sense of empathy for others. This work will lead to a desire to contribute to our community. It will also help to develop their teamwork and leadership skills. The Blue Cord Award is a distinguished graduation award available to St. Teresa students who volunteer for a total of 100 service hours. Students are recognized at the annual school-wide awards ceremony in the spring and at our St. Teresa graduation Mass.

  •  It is encouraged that students complete 25 hours per year beginning in 5th grade. However, students can accumulate the hours at any point to achieve 100 hours by graduation. If more than 40 hours are accumulated in one year, extra hours will be carried over to the next year. The Blue Cord committee will review hours submitted.

  • The emphasis of this work should be “outreach” to our community, primarily with non-profit organizations.

  • Eighth grade service hours are due one week before school is out for the summer. All other students' service hours are due no later than June 1.



  1. Service Hour Forms are available in the school office or on the school webpage.

  2. The form can be turned into your classroom teacher or the school office. You need to have the organization’s supervisor sign your form. If you forget the form, have them write a note for you.

  3. Babysitting, classroom clean-up, and household chores do not meet the criteria. 

  4. Specific dates should be listed - not a general time period.

  5. All Service Hours are subject to approval. The Principal and Lead Teacher will determine the validity of questionable service hours.

  6. Volunteer hours cannot be paid hours. A list of pre-approved volunteer opportunities and all of the forms required can be found in the office or on our webpage. Students can ask for approval of opportunities not on the list by speaking with administration.

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