Kristin Kriener

Kristin Kriener

I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Mount Mercy College. I have endorsements in Early Childhood, Reading, and Gifted and Talented Education. I received my Master of Science Degree in Educational Administration from Iowa State University. I have been an educator for 25 years teaching first grade, second grade, Title 1 reading, technology, K-12 gifted & talented coordinator, and now principal.


In my free time, I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy watching my children in all of their activities and traveling to new places. I like to go golfing, read, fish, as well as watching movies.


Some of you may be wondering why my faith journey has led me to becoming a part of the St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School family?


Reason 1: After teaching at St. Patrick’s School in Waukon and being the principal of St Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School, I believe a Catholic education draws children into a deeper relationship with Christ and the church. I learned more about my Catholic faith in the 5 years I have worked in the Catholic school setting than in the 12 years I attended the religious education program growing up. 


Reason 2: I believe the role of a Catholic catechist is to teach the Faith of the Catholic Church by both word and example. I don’t know Jesus anywhere near as well as I would like to know him. Therefore, this continues to be an incredible opportunity to get to know Jesus better and share the good news with our students and staff.


Reason 3: A Catholic education promotes a lifelong commitment to faith and virtue. In the past, I have felt something missing in my life... it was my ability to talk about God’s teachings to my students. To resist God is to resist our very truest selves. Therefore, I feel that I have found my purpose once again: To help others be the best version of themselves with the guidance of Jesus Christ.


Reason 4: There is no substitute for spending 172 days in an educational environment permeated by faith and Gospel values. I know my own children have benefited from their Catholic education as their relationship with God has flourished.


I look forward to spending time with our students and I thank you for entrusting your children to our care as we work together to nurture your child’s spiritual, academic, and social-emotional growth.