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I hope everyone is staying busy at home and enjoying this strange time. Please keep music in your life however you can! Listen to your favorite songs, listen to music you've never heard before, have a dance party in your room :)

I have posted some links below, feel free to check out as many or as little as you'd like and from any of the age groups. I'll continue to update this page, so check back regularly! Also know that I'm checking my email frequently so if you want to send me something or need help with a worksheet I sent home:, I'm here!

All Grades

- Anyone can use this Google slide to type in your responses while listening to something; do it as many times as you want! 7th/8th grades could keep up with your WMJs each week. Pick a song or email me for a song suggestion.

- If you have siblings or family members at home, you could play Black Snake together. See the video for a reminder.

- Compose rhythms and use household items (pot and a spoon as a drum, pill bottle as a shaker) as instruments to perform them. If you need a composition template, click here.

- Complete this Music BINGO at home.

- Practice your rhythms and "Crack the Code", here: click on the rhythm and it will give you another one. Or here: start easy and get progressively harder.

- Some of these videos move pretty quickly so it may take a couple of times through to get the hang of it, but they are great for practicing rhythm. Some of them use the incorrect rhythm syllables so say the ones you know. See buttons to the left.

- To continue practicing your solfege (don't forget your hand signs), use the buttons to the left. I have labeled them, so use the ones you know. But if you'd like to try new ones that we haven't gotten to in class yet, feel free!

- The Singing Space was created by music educators during this time to share songs and music. You can find it on Facebook or Youtube.

- Here is a link to a Youtube playlist with a bunch of songs to sing along with, some of them you'll remember from class and some of them will be new to you.

- Look on Youtube for a full version of a performance of an opera or musical. Write a short journal entry about it and send it to me. If you'd like a suggestion for a musical or opera to watch, just ask!

- Some music apps you could download for free and try: Keezy, Garage Band, Music Maker JAM, Medly, Figure, Song Maker: Music Mixer Beats, Acapella from PicPlayPost, Groovebox: Beath & Synth Studio, BandLab: Music Making Studio, n-Track Studio 9, Soundtrap, Autorap.

- Any piano students trying to keep practicing at home, take a look at this website for a variety of tips and resources.

K-4th Grades

5th-8th Grades

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