Mrs. Gisleson's Virtual Classroom

Even when you're stuck at home on a snow day - incorporate music into your day! Listen to your favorite songs, listen to music you've never heard before, have a dance party in your room :)

Check out the activities below and choose something fun to do! You can email me at any time or pop on during my office hours from 12:45-1:45 using the link on the Snow Day Google Classroom.

All Grades

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- Anyone can use this Google form to type in your responses while listening to a song; do it as many times as you want! Pick a song or email me for a song suggestion.

- If you have siblings or family members at home, you could play Black Snake together. See the video to the left for a reminder.

- Compose rhythms and use household items (pot and a spoon as a drum; pill bottle as a shaker) as instruments to perform them. Send me a video or sound recording of your song when you're done!

- Practice your rhythms and "Crack the Code", here: click on the rhythm and it will give you another one. Or here: start easy and get progressively harder.

- Soda Bottle Organ: Spread out some newspapers or a plastic tablecloth just in case of a mess. Find some old soda bottles of different sizes and practice making a tone by blowing over the top. Play around with filling the bottles with different levels of water to get different notes!

- Some of these videos move pretty quickly so it may take a couple of times through to get the hang of it, but they are great for practicing rhythm. Some of them use the incorrect rhythm syllables so say the ones you know. See buttons to the left.

- To continue practicing your solfege (don't forget your hand signs), use the buttons to the left. I have labeled them, so use the ones you know.

- Here is a link to a Youtube playlist with a bunch of songs to sing along with, some of them you'll remember from class and some of them will be new to you.

- Look on Youtube for a full version of a performance of an opera or musical. Write a short journal entry about it and send it to me. If you'd like a suggestion for a musical or opera to watch, just ask!

- Grab some paper, put on some music and draw whatever the music inspires!

- The Chrome Music Lab is an awesome place to have fun experimenting with music!

- Some music apps you could download for free and try: Keezy, Garage Band, Music Maker JAM, Medly, Figure, Song Maker: Music Mixer Beats, Acapella from PicPlayPost, Groovebox: Beath & Synth Studio, BandLab: Music Making Studio, n-Track Studio 9, Soundtrap, Autorap.

- Create a bumblebee (with a paper plate, a toilet roll, or any household items) and listen the Flight of the Bumblebee. Have your bumblebee move the way the music sounds.

- For an alternative version of hide and seek, use a toy that makes music. One person hides it and turns it on, then the other person looks for it! See who can stump their opponent the most times in a row.

See the directions in the example video to the left. Choose 4 foods from your pantry and use the words to create a rhythm.

K-4th Grades

5th-8th Grades